STEP (1 of 9) Select a Membership Category

Select your membership category based on the following criteria.

Regular Member: Persons whose principal means of support is earned in the gathering, editing, or presentation of news. Includes public affairs for media companies.
Regular members may not be employees of government-supported news organizations.
Regular members may vote and hold office.

Academic Member: Persons who are educators of journalism in institutions of higher learning. Academic members may vote but not hold office.

Associate Member: Persons who are not journalists but are employed in such media-related fields as public relations, public or corporate information, directors of media organizations, etc.
Associate members may not vote nor hold office.

Student Member: Persons engaged in full-time study in a recognized educational institution of higher learning.
Student members may only vote for and hold the office of student representative.
Requires proof of student status.

Corporate Member: Corporations that support the goals of the association.

Note: Membership category subject to review and approval by the membership committee.

Choose ONE of the following:
 $75 - Regular
 $75 - Associate
 $75 - Academic
 $35 - Student
 $2000 - Corporate

If you selected; Regular,Associate,Academic, please take advantage of our Multi-Year Savings Plan.
 $300 - 5 years ($75 dollar discount)  $175 - 3 years ($50 dollar discount)